New Filmmakers from Spain 2012

WINGS Photocall

Distribution prize by FREAK Independent
Film Agency

Short Film winner: WINGS
8 min.
Mediagrama SL & Full Emotions, SL

Synopsis: Perfection requires preparation. Expectation takes time. Tonight, every detail has to be perfect. Christopher is preparing for a major concert where you can not make any mistakes.

Dir. José Villalobos

From Composition to the Production and Direction. Villalobos began composing music for films. Among other works, collaborates with Alberto Iglesias in "THE KITE RUNNER" Soundtrack nominated for Academy Awards, a Golden Globe and Bafta awards.

He has been composer of shows like "The Philanthropist" produced by Barry Levinson for NBC, and "RECONSTRUCTION" (Peter Horton) creator of "GREY'S ANATOMY".

Years ago Mediagrama born, founded by Nacho Monge and Rafael Alvarez. "THE INVISIBLE LOOK" was one of his first films, with which scored 7 nominations Argentina Academy Awards, and 10 nominations The International Critics Awards, whose premiere took place in Cannes.

"WINGS" is his third job as director and writer. The first two are "IGNORE" and "21". He has participated as a consultant and co-writer on several occasions.

2012 Jury members
Andrew Crane. Membership Manager & Special Project Programmer, American Cinematheque.
Arnold Schwartzman. Oscar winning documentary film director and Royal Designer by Great Britain's Royal Society of Arts.
Millán Luis Vázquez Ortiz. General Manager Freak Audiovisual Agency.

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